AussieMates Whitepaper, last updated September 2021. All contents are subject.


AussieMates (Mates) is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated, unique Kangaroos living on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens.

The key intention of the project is twofold. The primary focus is to lay the foundation for a business model that brings NFT technology into mainstream industries, including sport, entertainment and branding. This will be facilitated through the roadmap, which is explained further under the “Roadmap” section.

The secondary focus, though equally as important, is building a community of mates. This will be achieved through our Strategy and our Mates helping Mates program. A program designed to better enrich the lives of community members in all aspects, from health & wellbeing to business mentorship. This is the Australian spirit that mateship embodies.

Our Vision in 3 Bullet Points:

  • A thriving web3 technology business that leads the way for mainstream industry to adopt NFT technology, with a focus on Australian markets.

  • A community where everyone is mates; from the novices to the experienced. We feel everyone deserves to have a place where they feel welcome and we want AussieMates to be that space, paying homage to Australia’s multicultural population.

  • A world where digital and physical experiences are intertwined. Giving unprecedented access into both through a membership to the Down Under Club.


  • At the heart of our strategy is community. All AussieMates holders will have an active voice in the projects undertaken by the AussieMates team.

  • Standard distribution. All AussieMates will be sold at 0.05 ETH. A deliberate decision as this price point offers a good entry point for beginners, while inherently showing value for experienced collectors. 9,850 AussieMates will be available to the entire NFT community. We have reserved 150 for giveaways and promos.

  • When you mint an AussieMate, all commercial rights are owned by you. Any future deals that require the use of your AussieMates NFT will mean it will be leased from you, should you wish to partake.

  • Enriching the utility value of the NFT; by hosting physical and digital gigs, developing the technology to physically display your NFT collections on state of the art hardware and software and unlocking real & digital world experiences, ranging from flights overseas to Metaverse developments.

  • The creation of our Mates Helping Mates Program which will focus on two key areas:

    • Charity donations

    • Programs for our community members

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