The Team

The Core Team

We knew that for AussieMates to become a success we had to build a team that believes whole-heartedly in the vision. Coming together from all across the globe, our core team celebrates what it means to be mates by coming together to work towards a common goal. We have a team that is made up of two Aussie siblings, a Canadian and a Brazilian, each having a particular set of skills that has the ability to turn AussieMates into something bigger than we ever thought imaginable. Each team member brings a set of skills that span advertising, marketing, engineering, and development, and we’re really proud of the team that makes up the core group of mates.

Adrian (aka Mad Roo) is one of the co-founders of AussieMates. With an engineering & IT background, he’s responsible for the oversight and development of AussieMates. Having built his career working first in IT then in engineering, he has worked with large Australian businesses in government, hospitality, schooling and more. Adrian understands the opportunities different markets have when it comes to adopting and collaborating with NFT technology. He was first introduced to NFTs from one of his mates and has been hooked ever since. However, learning the intricacies of NFTs took longer than expected and Adrian saw this as an opportunity to make learning about NFTs easier and more accessible for all. Having played rugby since he was young, Adrian has made a name for himself in the Australian rugby community.

Bianca (aka Bmuse) is the other co-founder of AussieMates and is the creative of the two. With an advertising background in brand communications, she’s responsible for the marketing and design side of the business. Bianca handles everything from the development of our art, to the overall community experience. With a keen interest in economics as well, NFTs are the perfect outlet for both her passions. Bianca has worked with a number of different brands in alcohol, finance, automotive, sporting and music. She knows it’s just a matter of time before brands start incorporating NFT strategies into the overall customer experience. Living overseas before returning back to Australia, she knows the significance of having mates all over the world and how important digital technology is in helping maintain friendships, which is where the concept of AussieMates came from. One of her main goals is to bring more women into the NFT space.

Ryza is the general manager of AussieMates. Responsible for finding the majority of our extended team, he’s an organisational wizard. Originally from Canada, Ryza now calls Australia his forever home. Having grown several startups in the past, he understands what needs to be done when it comes to systems and processes to make AussieMates successful. Having played Ice Hockey all over the world, Ryza knows how supportive team environments can help shape people for the better.

Vitor, from Brazil, is the developer of the project. He is responsible for making sure our website has the best security measures in place and making sure our smart contract and minting process is as seamless as possible. Having worked on the Happyland Gummy Bears project, Vitor has proven success in NFTs and acts as a trusted advisor on the project.

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