We have developed a roadmap that embodies the excitement of the AussieMates project and detailed the ways in which we plan to increase the value of our NFTs while building a successful web3 business. Not dependent on the roadmap is the development of the Mates Helping Mates Platform. This is in its early stages pre-mint and will be accelerated as soon as AussieMates has launched.

Disclaimer: Depending on when sales goals are reached some phases may take longer than others.

Phase 1 - Exploration

This phase is all about getting to know our community even better so that we can work with them to build the future of the NFT space. During this phase we’ll be laying the foundations for the long term future of our business and solidifying our roadmap.

  • Plans begin to take concrete form. We start planning the first of many AussieMates Street Parties which will look to combine sport, music and hospitality. Here, we start mapping out the different aspects of the events that will be turned into NFTs.

  • The AussieMates website will be updated to include a gallery and rarity tool features, as well as embedding OpenSea to easily view the floor price.

  • Our early adopters will be airdropped 1:1 illustrated AussieMates and given exclusive pre-sale access to future drops and merchandise.

  • We will commence the floor buy back and open our community wallet for raffles & giveaways.

  • Engaging in community led discussions to shape the personalisation of our Mates helping Mates program.

  • Golden cockatoo collecting begins.

Golden Cockatoo Collecting

As part of the 10,000 released AussieMates available to mint, only ten will feature the coveted Golden Cockatoo. These will be spread across our five landscape backgrounds. Once minting is complete, owners are encouraged to collect a golden cockatoo from each of the landscapes to win the ultimate prize - flights for you and a mate wherever you want in the world. You will also be given a limited edition AussieMate, with the 1:1 custom background of the destination you end up visiting.

This will only be available for the first two collectors. Plans for the future of the Golden Cockatoo will be revealed after this first activation in order to maintain the rarity of the trait.

Phase 2 - Development

Once we’ve got our framework ready, this phase will be about activation and starting to develop the ideas we have as well as those we have built with our community. Big investments are planned for this phase as we get to start making things a reality. The intention is to increase the value of your NFT and begin the process of bringing these into real world experiences.

  • We can commence the development of the Bondi Dev Wall, where users can dynamically create backgrounds which have the opportunity to be minted by AussieMates for future NFTs

  • Opportunities are developed for AussieMates holders to lease their Roo back to the business to be used in retail.

  • Land bought in the Metaverse (Decentraland or Sandbox etc) so we can plan the development of some of our favourite places & wearables.

  • Liquidity pool introduced.

  • Second drop introduced with our furry friends next door.

  • AussieMates Apparel is launched.

  • We start organising real world meetups.

Phase 3 - Execution Phase

This phase is the one we’re most looking forward to, where everything will come to life. Members of Down Under Club will see the value of their AussieMate increase in value further as we start to merge the physical and digital world even more.

Physical Gigs

  • Keynote speaker events where we’ll be bringing the brightest minds together for a series of exclusive virtual and in person events.

  • Dates will be announced for the AussieMates Street Party where we will be supporting artists who are reeling from COVID-19 lockdowns.

    • Additional tickets will be available via an NFT for non-AussieMates holders.

    • We introduce how we have worked with artists and venues to allow AussieMates members to own parts of the event.

    • This event will first be rolled out in NSW before extending to the rest of the country and then internationally.

  • Sponsoring already established events to grow our brand presence not only increasing the value of the NFT but also giving Down Under Club members access to these.

NFT Galleries

We don’t want to forget where we came from and plan to keep promoting the NFT world through displaying some of the best digital art by:

  • Partnering with owners of high profile NFT assets to display original versions as a vehicle to bring new adopters into the space.

  • Showcasing up and coming digital artists both locally and internationally who are looking for a break into NFTs.

  • We reveal the technology to display your NFT collection in your home or office.

  • Continuing the theme of merging the physical and digital, physical galleries will utilise a variety of technologies, from high definition displays and augmented reality.

Gamifying the Digital and Physical

Leveraging off partnerships and contacts in the digital signage to run in-real-life treasure hunts. Prizes will include ultra rare releases that can only be collected through the treasure hunt as well as exclusive mints and giveaways from collaborations with other projects. Although the game will be available for all to play, some prizes will vary depending on whether you’re already a member of Down Under Club.

Other Highlights

  • Phase two developments of the Mates Helping Mates program, bringing exclusive benefits to our community tailored to individual needs.

  • Bringing your AussieMate to life with 3D artwork & backgrounds to print your own.

  • Hosting auctions of digital art to generate further donations for our charity partners.

  • Development of a front end interface to allow purchasing in fiat currencies to allow for beginners to be introduced to NFTs and cryptocurrency.

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