Mates Helping Mates Program

One of the things we love about our concept is how it ties into mates looking out for mates; one of our core values. This is why, as part of our project, we’ll be developing the Mates helping Mates Program which will be a web3 based platform allowing our community to access resources to better enrich their lives, while allowing us to help small businesses and charity.

For Community

Our community is the focus of everything we're building. Which is why we want to develop a platform that directly impacts their lives for the better. To get it started, we will be focussing on the below initiatives, though we will continue to work with our community as it grows to evolve the Mates Helping Mates program to better serve them.

  • Mental Health resources -through our partnership with LIVIN, will be providing virtual workshops and other resources.

  • Health and wellbeing - we will partner with fitness experts, from exercise physiologists, yoga and pilates instructors and nutritionists to offer health and well being resources for our community members.

  • Business mentorship - Access for members of our community to chat to mentors across different industries, tapping into the network of our founding team. Includes Crypto and NFT experts, through to more mainstream industry.

For Small Business

By helping our community, we'll also be able to help small businesses that have been affected by COVID-19 by commissioning them to create the content for our Mates Helping Mates Program platform. This will also allow small businesses who want to enter the NFT space to do so without the upfront costs.

For Charity

A big part of our vision is everyone having a mate. Not only so they can connect in the community but because we know the importance of having a mate when times are tough.

  • Having been personally touched by the worst outcomes of mental health, this is a cause close to our hearts. This is why we’ll be donating up to $50,000AUD as well as all resales in Q1 to LIVIN, an Australian mental health charity so they can continue the work they do towards breaking the stigma around mental health.

  • Our community will dictate who we donate 50% of our resales to for Q2-Q4. This will allow us to contribute to three additional charities yearly, helping our mates support the causes that matter to them.

For Artists

We want to help our mates in the arts on their NFT journey, which is why we will be creating a series of physical and digital events and working with artists in all mediums to participate and give them a space where they can launch their own NFTs.

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